Lori and Guy 1/10/2012
Gore Mountain skiers, we always plan one night of the weekend to dine here.
Great food, the Chef always has a great special. Very friendly staff!
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Mark A Kerr 9/9/2011
We visited Basil and Wick's on a Thursday evening. All the locals know that Thursday is "All you can eat" Pasta night. What a treat to watch the chef prepare your pasta right there in the dining area, just the way you want it, and choose your own toppings. It was entertaining and delicious. We asked several locals, "Where is a good place to eat?" All responded, "Basil and Wick's! I must admit I made two trips for pasta, but my wife helped me with the second plate. Wow, lots of food.
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Donna 8/6/2011
This is truly a great place to gather.A friendly staff,great food,and a always welcoming atmosphere.
I recently went there and met some of the "crew" and couldnt have felt more at home... Thanks Jane! Peter!
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The Bauberger Family 7/24/2011
Had dinner last night,Awesome food and service.It's was great to also meet Jane.Your chef's Chuck and Kevin are the best in the area.Can't wait to go back again.Thanks again(Kevin's family)
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