Dave Safrany. 6/5/2011
I live in Half Moon Bay, California -- about 20 miles south of San Francisco -- and go trout fishing in the Adirondacks/North Creek area every year (If you're a gear head who notices such things, I'm the guy who drives the Dodge Dart Swinger with the California plates.)
Over the years I've made a lot of friends from New York. Somehow I got mixed up with the wrong crowd; notably, my friend Ed Sires from Johnsburg! I used to concentrate on the trout, but, lately, I seem to be spending as much time drinking with Ed and Marsha as I do fishing. Thanks a lot Ed!
One of Ed's other good points is that he introduced me to the re-opened Basil and Wick's. This restaurant is a great place to have good food and drink in a casual and funky atmosphere. Basil ands Wick's' is FUN!! And don't forget to check out the owner, Jane, who is a trip-and-a-half by herself with her subtle facial expressions and funky mannerisms. Thanks for a great place, Jane. You are very trippy!
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linda wohlers 1/14/2011
you bet I remember the original!!!!!
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